Jill Kelley & Paula Broadwell Stay Glamorous in the Face of Scandal (PHOTOS)

jill and paulaThe scandalistas of the Petraeus affair aren't ones to sit around in sweats, wiping away their mascara tears while watching a Laguna Beach marathon on demand, no. These ladies are living their lives, as far as we can tell from intrusive photos, like ain't nothin' happening. Both Jill Kelley and Paula Broadwell have been spotted looking totally put together, chic, and stylish. No college sweatpants and old t-shirts with paint on them for these women -- Jill and Paula haven't let the fact that their lives are in turmoil stop them from holding it together, fashion-wise, at least. They seem to be acutely aware that they're in the spotlight and they've been dressing to impress (although, Jill Kelley's nipples have been stealing a little bit of the spotlight ...). Let's take a look:


jill kelley

There's Jill Kelley on Tuesday, leaving her house and heading to her Mercedes that has the most blissfully misleading license plate ever. Despite being scrutinized for her squandering of millions of dollars, her defunct charity, and her possibly inappropriate relationship with General Allen, Jill looks classy in her pink dress and metallic heels. Full makeup and coiffed hair round out her I-don't-care-what-you-have-to-say look. As for the nipples, well, they look more like darts of the dress to me. 

paula broadwell

And here's Paula, fixing herself a salad while she sips a glass of red wine at her home in DC. Pink seems to be the color women wrapped in the Petraeus scandal prefer. I must say, I'd rather look at women in pink any day over that dang beret that Monica Lewinsky didn't take off during her Clinton scandal.

However, with the amount of mud being slung at these two, perhaps they'd be better off wearing raincoats and foul-weather gear for the next couple months. Pink foul-weather gear, obviously. 

What do you think?


Photo via Splash News, video screen shot

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