5 Ways Real Women Can Wear Leggings as Pants Without Looking Ridiculous (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Nov 14, 2012 Beauty & Style

Leather leggingsA thousand times we've heard the saying "leggings are NOT pants." We've laughed at celebrities who have worn them out in public, and winced at women wearing them horribly while walking on the street. But I, a little ol' blogger from small-town Connecticut, am here to tell you that times are a changin' and the no-leggings ban is OVER. Yup, dunzo. El fin. Leggings as pants is now a real thing. I swear.

Before you yell at me and throw your half-finished mug of lukewarm coffee at the computer screen, just hear me out. I promise, if done the right way, you can get away with wearing leggings all the time. That is, as long as you have a whole slew of different pairs and they're thick enough not to become see-through over your booty.

Let's take a look at 5 realistic ways to wear leggings as pants no matter your size:

Are you convinced? Are you a fan of leggings?


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  • Printed Leggings


    Printed leggings are everywhere this season, and I say they're a definite do as long as your backside is covered. When you rock a pattern and others can see it visibly expand over different parts of your shape, well, it isn't the most flattering. Pair a patterned legging with a long chambray shirt and you're in business.

  • Imitation Leather Leggings


    I'm obsessed with this trend. Rock leather leggings with a cozy boyfriend sweater, or dress 'em up for a night on the town with a great pair of heels and a loose blazer.

  • Dressed Down Leggings


    Hello weekend uniform! Leggings can be your perfect cozy go-to as long as you pair them with a long cardigan. Dress up this casual look by adding a pair of riding boots and a great bag.


  • Velvet Leggings


    Soft to the touch and super cozy to wear, velvet leggings are perfect for the chillier months. Dress them up for nighttime with a studded button-down or make things more casual by pairing them with a long Oxford and booties.

  • Jeggings


    All right, so you've seen my suggestions. If you're still not comfortable with the idea, then there's always jeggings. Their stretch is great for all shapes and sizes and their slim fit through the ankle makes them super easy to tuck into boots.

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