Katie Holmes Goes Bare-Legged & Makes It Okay for Moms to Stop Wearing Pantyhose

Katie Holmes and SuriTemperatures in the northeast are starting to drop, but chillier weather obviously isn't enough reason for Katie Holmes to break down and wear pantyhose.

This photo of her was taken earlier this week as she strolled the streets of New York City with Suri, and even though she doesn't have the slightest hint of a tan, Katie went bare-legged and ended the debate over when moms are required to wear pantyhose once and for all.


And the answer? NEVER.

A couple weeks ago, I attended my bestie's bridal shower. And before I headed out the door to attend the party, I texted her to see if she was wearing pantyhose, because if she wasn't, I figured it meant that I didn't have to put them on either. (God, I HATE pantyhose.)

And do you know what her text back to me said? "No, I'm not wearing them. Nobody over the age of 50 wears pantyhose anymore."

(Why am I always the last one to catch on to certain fashion trends?)

I went off to the shower bare-legged, and it felt great. And I was so relieved that I didn't have to contend with my hose either bunching up, falling down, getting a run, or winding up tucked into the back of my underwear after a trip to the ladies room.

Ever since the day of the shower, I was already planning on sticking to a strict no pantyhose rule simply based on my friend's "women over 50" comment.

But now that I've seen Katie Holmes has decided to forgo hose? Yeah, I'm even more over wearing them. Why suffer through wearing something that isn't even considered trendy or cool?

Do you still wear pantyhose? 


Image via Pacific Coast News

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