Christina Aguilera's Wardrobe Malfunction on 'The Voice' Could Have Been Seriously Scandalous (VIDEO)

christina aguileraYou'd think that by now, pop stars would dot all their "I's" and cross all their "T's" before heading onto stage to perform. What I mean by that is -- you'd think they'd take all precautions necessary to ensure no nip (or vag!) slips occur while they're twerkin' and singin' in front of millions. But as history and Tuesday's episode of The Voice have shown -- not the case. Christina Aguilera had a superclose call last night when her bountiful cups nearly -- very nearly -- runneth over.

Hey, wardrobe department: Can you say double-sided tape?


While performing "Make the World Move" with a barefoot Cee Lo Green (no thanks), and while clad in a crazy Marie Antoinetteish-inspired costume, Aguilera bent over (numerous times) and showed the world that she has boobs. Big boobs. And she was thisclose to showing the world that she -- shockingly! -- also has nipples!

Not sure if this was one of those carefully-crafted wardrobe malfunctions or not, but I'm kind of thinking no, as nothing was ever really revealed. So, in that case, why not secure things more? Like I said, stick on some tape. Throw on string and create a halter. Hell, sew on some straps. This is too much, X-Tina. It's just too much.

Check out Christina's boobs. Thoughts?


Image via NBC

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