Kristen Stewart's Nude 'Breaking Dawn' Dress Showed a ... Different Side of Her (PHOTOS)

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kristen stewart in zuhair murad dress breaking dawn: part 2 premiereAs much as Kristen Stewart loves to belittle the spotlight, the girl OWNED it at Breaking Dawn: Part 2's red carpet premiere. And it's perfectly clear that's what she set out to do, too. After all, she showed up wearing a naked dress. Okay, so she wasn't actually naked, but this Zuhair Murad dress -- made of sheer gold lace with a bustier-like bodice and pleated skirt -- is one of those dresses that's going to go down in history like the JLo Versace number. Because, just as JLo's cleavage and entire stomach were on display in that designer number, what very little junk KStew has in her trunk was showing right through her dress! (Albeit covered by a nude leotard.) I'd venture to say the dress was just as -- or even more! -- "naked" than Britney Spears' famous sparkly nude jumpsuit at the 2000 VMAs.

But hey, it totally worked. Not to mention that Kristen and her castmates' black tie vampire style is sure to set some fashion trends down the road ...

Don't get me wrong. I don't think most people will start trying to pull off KStew's naked dress. (Nor should they!) But there's something to be said for going with a nude/neutral dress. It doesn't have to be a completely sheer. Just look at Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene, who both looked stunning in their muted neutrals -- Reed in gray accented with metallic detailwork and Greene in a romantic blush, one-shouldered frock. Check 'em out ...

nikki reed ashley greene

The Twilight ladies prove neutral is HOT. And flowy, glowy, twinkly, and sexy. Plus, it acts as the perfect backdrop for bolder, stand-out, glam makeup hues, too -- think rich berry lipsticks, deep smoky shadows -- which are perfect for holiday parties. Love it! Forget the LBD ... Judging from the BD2 premiere, the must-have, go-to dress of the season should be a LND (Little Neutral, Nude, or even, yes, "Naked" Dress).

How do you feel about Kristen's "naked" dress? Are you a fan of neutrals?

Images via Oraito/Splash News & Jen Lowery/Splash News

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I didn't care for her hair, but I think she pulled the dress off well. If you listen to her interview, she had no idea about the dress until she went to get dressed up and I imagine it was picked out for her intentionally to give everyone something to talk about.

Well planned, I guess. :-)

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

No. Just no. This whole dress is a huge no no no!!!! Do designers make celebs wear ugly trash on purpose? Her boobs look low, too far apart, & all around just misplaced. Its doesn't matter if she's wearing a fucking leotard, might as well be panties. On top of that she's not a very attractive girl anyways & whatever they did to her hair && makeup did not help.....

Zamaria Zamaria

Maybe that's just a really bad pic, but I think it looks pretty horrible. I agree that it just makes her boobs look very low and oddly placed, and I think it isn't a very good color for her.

nonmember avatar Christine

This dress is the color and texture of granny panties. Oh wait...maybe it's supposed to match the granny panties she's wearing under it. How can something be so sheer and so unsexy at the same time?

Alain... Alainalynn

Better pics on fashionista. I think she looked awsome!

Dancy White

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Anita Szot-Brown

I watched the premier live on yahoo, and she was beautiful! Loved her dress and Rob looked amazing in his green suit also. They looked amazing together. :O) She can make anything look good.

BeLynda Smith

I think she looked beautiful, but I really liked the jumpsuit she wore to the London premiere more.

Jennifer B Kinghorn

What? It shows what a trashy whore she is? Gee thats not news, everyone with a brain already knows that. By the way, shes got a fugly figure, Im fat, and you know what? Im not jealous in the least of this stick insect. Shes just ugly,.

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