8 Holiday Dresses That Hide the Weight You Gain Doing All That Eating

Ann Taylor holiday dressFall, winter, and I have a love/hate relationship. I oh-so-love the chilly season's beautiful scenery, absolutely adore all the eggnog filled holiday corniness, and man do I look forward to my dad's loaded sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving and grandma's tri-layer Italian Christmas cookies. But ahhh, there lies my problem. Colder months and my waistline, well, they don't always get along. At all.

All those special occasions, work parties, holiday parties, parties just because we have nothing else to do and it's cold outside -- they tend to involve a whole lot of extra eating and drinking and, as a result, adding a few pounds.

So what's a frustrated, bigger (if only slightly) fashionista to do when it's time to get holiday fancy? Don't fret my fellow seasonal indulgers, there are loads of great dresses out there perfect for holiday fun that can conceal your trouble spots. Here are 8 holiday dresses that hide the weight you gain doing all that eating:


What do you look for in the perfect holiday dress?


Image via Ann Taylor

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