Taylor Swift Couldn't Be Gwyneth Paltrow -- No Matter How Hard She Tried

taylor swiftFact: We've all tried to look like a celebrity -- or another awesome girl -- at some point in our lives. Whether we've attempted to style our hair like Kate Middleton's, or tried to get Jennifer Aniston's abs, or bought a shirt similar to the one that cool girl in Com Theory had on, we've done it. Admit it. And even though celebs are oft the ones being emulated, this doesn't exclude them either. Case in point: Taylor Swift really wanted to look like Gwyneth Paltrow at her prom.


In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Swift admits that she was so in love with Paltrow's 1999 Oscar dress -- you know, the pink Ralph Lauren ballgown -- that she desperately tried to copy the look for prom. She said: "I was 15 and going to prom for the first time, and I saw that picture of Gwyneth in the pink gown. I went all over the mall and showed it to all the store owners and said, ‘Do you have anything that looks like this?’ And no one did. So there’s that. That’s a sad story for you."

Like everything Taylor does, that's kind of adorable.

There have been points in my life, obviously, where I, too, tried to "copy" a celeb's style. Namely, Kate Moss's.

I've always loved Kate's style. (Still do!) Her "thrown-together" frocks that are a mix of '60s boho and rock chic. Her ultra-short dresses with (faux?) fur coats. The vintage, lemon yellow, asymmetric frill shouldered dress. (Died!) She's been my "style muse", if you will, for as long as I can remember.

Here's the thing I've learned, though: I never look like Kate. Ever. Just like Taylor probably wouldn't have looked like Gwyneth. Because we're not Kate and Gwyneth. Kate and Gwyneth are Kate and Gwyneth. And they've both got such particular, sometimes unpredictable, personal style that it's damn near impossible to ever "look" like them.

And that's part of what makes them cool, I guess. The fact that neither one would ever imitate someone else's style.

Have you ever tried to emulate someone's style?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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