‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Nicole Goes Makeup Free: 5 Products You Need for the Fresh-Faced Look

deena nicoleJersey Shore star Deena Nicole is a blast in a glass, but somehow, miraculously, the 25-year-old doesn't look a day over, well, 25. You'd think her hard partying and, you know, the tanning would've caught up with her by now, but I guess Deena knows how to take really good care of her skin. Ms. Cortese recently tweeted a photo of herself makeup free, and dang, girl looks fresh.

I have no idea what Deena does or doesn't use on her visage (she could wash her face with Bud Light Lime for all I know), but these 5 products are tried and true on my part and have helped me (I think ... I hope) have clear, bright, and fresh looking skin. You gotta try 'em.


First of all, you gotta start with a great makeup remover. You can spend a ton of money on this stuff ... or you can just use baby oil. It's cheap, it's good for your skin, and it works. Sometimes I use straight-up face moisturizer dabbed onto a q-tip to get off eye makeup, as well. Doesn't work as well as baby oil, but it's a great, healthy option in a pinch.

After your makeup's off, time to wash your face. Most drug store face washes have the same ingredients (sodium laureth sulfates, propylene glycol, etc.) and almost all of them work just fine to clean your skin. I used to pick the one that smelled the best, but reality is most face washes are drying and leave behind a residue. I find Philosophy's Purity Made Simple face wash is worth its weight in gold. But if you're the more homeopathic type, you can DIY face washes at home -- they don't look very complicated, either.

Now, you might need a toner. I get a deep satisfaction out of using a toner just to see how much more makeup comes off on the cotton pad. Plus, rubbing some on your neck and behind your ears is very refreshing. I like any toner that's alcohol free -- try Neutrogena's. I love it. 

Finally, you're going to need a moisturizer. Frankly, ugh. I hate putting on moisturizer in the morning because I feel like it makes me sweat. It's, like, I walk 10 blocks to the subway and I've got beads of sweat on my nose because the lotion's preventing any sort of natural absorption. So! If you're like me and don't like anything too heavy, try Clinque's Dramatically Different Daily Moisturizer (the yellow stuff you've seen everywhere) or, if you're feeling fancy, SK-II Facial Lift Emulsion is the best. Hands down.

And if you're going to bed, you're going to need a night cream. There are billions on the market that promise to reduce lines, wrinkles, sun spots, etc., but I'm of the school of thought that all that's pretty much bull shit. All one can do for their face is keep it hydrated, and I think it'll heal itself. To that end, I rub Weleda's Skin Food all up on my face right before bed. There is no better moisturizer on planet earth. It's thick stuff and it smells amazing.

Just a few ideas to keep you lookin' so fresh and so clean as winter approaches. Hope it helps.

What's your face cleansing and moisturizing routine?


Photo via DeenaNicole/Twitter

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