Heidi Klum's Breast-Baring Awards Dress Left This Mom's Jaw on the Floor


Heidi KlumIf your mouth was left hanging open after seeing Heidi Klum's crazy dress at the MTV Europe Music Awards last night, then you definitely aren't alone.

And while there's no doubt that she has a great figure and looks gorgeous as usual, my first reaction to this dress was something along the lines of, "Good GAWD. She's lucky that she didn't pop out of the top of that thing while walking the red carpet!"

And while she donned several different dresses while hosting the EMAs, I think it's pretty safe to say that this is the one most people will remember.

Ok, let's start on a positive note -- if she was looking to out-do Angelina Jolie in the exposed leg department, then she definitely accomplished her mission. Heidi more than knows how to work a slit, and her legs are pretty much the envy of every single woman across the world.

But then there's the top half of this dress, which is so overdone, it's harder to wonder what she was thinking when she chose this particular gown. Knowing she's a mom of four and being a mom myself, I just can't help but think that she was trying a bit too hard in the sexy department with this little number.

Showing a little cleavage is never a bad thing, but having half of your boobs exposed is another story. And I can't help but wonder if Heidi Klum realizes that she's Heidi Klum?!? She really doesn't have to put any extra effort into being sexy, and she would've looked just as beautiful if she'd gone for a dress that was a little more on the subtle side.

What do you think of Heidi's (very) revealing dress?

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momto... momtolittleg

That's actually a really pretty dress, and no more risque that half the other stuff those celebs wear these days.  And I'm a big clothing prude, but for some reason I'm OK with sexy awards dresses like that.  *shrugs*

I could actually pull that dress off if the leg slit was a bit less.  It would cover my bad areas and display the good ones!  Not that I have thousands of dollars to spend on it or anything to wear it to.  Oh well.  =)

zandh... zandhmom2

I love it and the shoes!



Jeesh, calm down!It's an awards dress.She isn't picking up her kids from daycare in it.

Char_... Char_gal4

I just have to say, "The late 1990s called.  They want that Britney Spears/Spice Girls dress back!"

tuffy... tuffymama

Dear Lordy Lord! she is more covered than she is on the VS runway. Get over it. If I had that body, I might wear that dress. Things like that look stupid on shorties, though.

Erin Kull

to be a blogger you must be a prude...that is what i have gathered from this site

Pamelann Bramlettine

She looks great, not offensive at all.  move on.....;)


nonmember avatar Nancy

I think she looks fabulous! What's the big deal?

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