Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Need Hair Extensions to Look Hot -- & Neither Do You!

kourtney kardashianOne of the many things the sisters Kardashian are known for is their hair. Long, strong, and shiny. That's the way they do it. But don't mindlessly finger your fried, frizzy locks whenever you lay eyes on them out of envy. Well, do. But take comfort in the fact that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe all wear hair extensions. Kris Jenner has good genes, but not that good.

However, probably due to the fact that it's damn near impossible for new moms to spend hours on end in the salon chair, Kourtney recently stepped out sans extensions. And her hair looked good. A little less long, but still strong and shiny. And getting this hair -- yes, this hair! -- isn't all that hard. Even if you're a new mom like Kourt.

To start, you need a conditioning treatment. And no, you don't need to go to the salon. An old standby trick of mine is after the baby goes to bed, I hop in the shower, condition my hair with some sort of super intensive, ultra-hydrating mask type of thing -- and then don't rinse it out. I know, you've heard this trick. But, wait! There's more!

After getting out of the shower, throw a towel over your hair to soak up excess water (but please, don't use this towel on your face afterwards, as it can make you break out). Next, put your wet hair in a braid and wrap the braid with tin foil. Then blast the tin foil with hot air from your hairdryer for a few minutes. Leave the tin foil in for a bit to lock in moisture. Sleep with the conditioner still in your hair (but not the foil).

The next day -- when you have time! -- rinse out the conditioner, and shampoo as usual. When you get out of the shower, you'll immediately notice how much silkier your hair feels. Add a few drops of a serum and dry. Your hair will be SO much easier to manage, and it won't be tangly and brittle.

And there you have it. Kardashian-inspired hair. You're welcome. 

What hair tricks do you have?


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paige... paige8608

I don't care how intricate the process, extensions are still damaging. There's no way around it. Look at Britney Spears...she's been wearing extensions for years & her real hair is jacked up! She can barely wear extensions & it look good...she looks a hot mess! I've work extensions myself for a few years & it damaged my hair. I now wear my hair shorter w/o extensions and it's healtheir than it's been a long time. Celebrities can afford to go to the salon or have a personal hair dresser & get great conditioning treatments...I don't know why they wear fake hair. 

Tammatha Brown

I'm so tired of all the fake stuff, I never touch the stuff. It is what it is....fake nails, fake boobs, fake hair, fake hair color, lipo suction, fake eyelashes, fake lip size, fake tans, fake butts. God it goes on & on. Most of them still look awful too. No woman is real anymore. 

nonmember avatar yeah

It's obvious Kourtney doesn't care for it as well since she has been honest in the past unlike Kim Kardashian about getting a boob job so not wearing hair extensions is no big deal.Kourtney is beautiful and has managed to keep her Armenian looks unlike Kim Kardashian who has had soo much plastic sugery she looks nothing like herself anymore.Funny how Kim and Kourtney used to look like each other then Kim got her booty injections and soo many face lifts she looks nothing like her sister anymore.

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