6 Things in Moms' Closets They Can Wear All Year Round

shorts and tights

I don't know about you, but I'm seriously bummed that it's cold (and that there's snow on the ground!) in my neck of the woods. Where did summer go? Hell, where did fall go? It never even happened. Or did I blink and miss it? I miss the long days of summer. Driving with the windows down. Flip-flops. Good god, do I miss flip-flops.

When it comes to clothes, I'm a summer gal all the way -- tank tops, sundresses, etc. And if you are, too, dry your eyes, twinsy, you can actually wear some of your hot weather clothes when the temperatures start dropping. Hell, you can wear them in the dead of winter. And vice-versa! Winter clothes in summer! Radical, I know.

Here are 6 articles of clothing you can wear year-round. And, yes, they're already in your closet.


Image via ...love Maegan/Flickr

  • Sundress


    Think your sundress only looks good on the beach? Think again! Pair it with a pair of tights, wedges, and of course, a cardigan, and you're good to go.

  • Wedges


    Which leads me to ... wedges! No, you don't need a fresh pedicure to wear a pair of wedges -- all you need are a pair of tights. Might not be as fun, but much cheaper!

  • Scarves


    Of course you know scarves are appropriate for fall or winter, but -- a lightweight one -- also works great in the spring or summer. See, look how lovely this scarf is with this tank-top. Nice styling.

  • Shorts


    One of the most adorable fall/winter looks of all: Shorts with tights. Don't put those jean cut-offs in the "summer box" just yet, ladies. Pair with tights (and hey! -- wedges and a scarf) for a fun, downtown look.

  • Hats


    When it's cold, hats don't strictly have to be knit. Floppy hats certainly have more of a "summertime festival" vibe, but they're totally adorable in the winter as well. (I'm pretty much building you an outfit here ...)

  • Tank Top


    Tank tops are year-round pieces of clothing. Bottom line. Thrown under a cardigan, or a loose-fitting knit over one, and it's summer all over again.

    Well, maybe not. But hey, you'll save a few bucks!


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