5 Flirty Ways to Wear Boots This Season (PHOTOS)

5 Flirty Ways to Wear Boots This Season (PHOTOS)

BootsBoot season may be my favorite season of all. Forget spring or fall, boot season lasts for a whole, like, seven months! You know what that means, don't you? It's totally justifiable to splurge for a few great pairs considering how long you'll be wearing them throughout the fall, winter, and early spring.

The best thing about boots? The options are limitless. Whether you like ankle booties with studs or a classic leather riding boot, there are different shapes and styles to suit every personality. And yeah, finding a boot you like may be the easy part, but figuring out how to wear them? Not as simple.

Don't fret, my fellow warm-toed loving friends. Check out these 5 different ways to wear boots this season:

Are you a fan of boots? What's your favorite way to wear them?


Image via ASOS

  • Wear 'Em Simple With Jeans


    Image via H&M


    Skinny jeans and boots are the perfect combination for a simple yet put-together and clean weekend outfit. These black riding boots from H&M ($299, in stores) are leather perfection.

  • Wear 'Em Comfortably


    Image via J.Crew

    I absolutely ADORE these Aggie Ankle Boots ($278, JCrew.com). Great for a whole slew of different outfits, this model pairs them with leggings and a long shirt. Wearing boots with leggings really is the easiest way to stay comfortable yet stylish.

  • Get Wild With 'Em


    Image via Anthropologie


    Hesitant to dive head-first into this season's printed legging trend? Not to worry -- pair your bright pants with a knee-high riding boot for a stylish, more reserved look. These Lateral Zip Riding Boots ($268, anthropologie.com) are an investment but are so versatile, it's definitely worth it.

  • Buy 'Em Printed


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    Not into printed leggings? Well, shoot, how about a pair of printed boots? These Jeffrey Campbell Tapestry Boots ($160, urbanoutfitters.com) are a fun way to jazz up any blah outfit. Hey -- at the very least, they're a fun way to get people to stare at your feet.

  • Wear 'Em With Tights


    Image via ASOS


    My name is Emily, and I'm a wedged bootie addict. I love pairing wedged ankle boots, like these ones from ASOS ($43.10, asos.com), with tights the second fall hits. Jazz things up by opting for a colorful solid tight instead of black.

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