Kate Middleton Recycles Another Dress & Inspires Moms to Do the Same

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Kate MiddletonWell, folks, she's done it again. Yep, Kate Middleton recycled this gorgeous Alice Temperley gown for a gala in London celebrating the 600th anniversary of the University of St. Andrew, and she doesn't look the least bit embarrassed about wearing it again even though she's more than aware that everyone knows she's worn it before.

Man, she sure is a fan of digging old duds out of the closet and giving them another go. It almost seems as though the Duchess is just as passionate about getting good wear out of her amazing wardrobe as she is about purchasing new pieces for it.

And if Kate Middleton can get away with wearing an old dress to a party, then so can we, dammit.

I know she isn't a mom (yet), but the rest of us can still use Kate as an example (and an excuse) to forgo buying a new dress every single time a fancy event pops up -- especially considering the holiday season is upon us. And holiday season means holiday parties, and holiday parties mean moms need to find something to wear other than jeans and/or yoga pants.

And since the holidays are one of the only times during the year where we have the opportunity to put on a nice dress and cute pair of heels, there's a huge temptation to hit the stores and buy something new every single year -- which leads to a closet full of beautiful dresses that do nothing but collect dust in the years after they're purchased.

And all a closet full of dresses does is clutter up our lives even more, and let's face it -- as moms, we could all use a little more "space." Instead of buying a trendy new dress each season, we should simply invest in one or two classic pieces that can be switched out from event to event. Recycling dresses doesn't even have to mean repeating the same exact look, because we can switch things up with different jewelry and accessories or even do our hair different, which will make it appear as though we've shopped for something new even if it's been in our wardrobe for quite some time.

(Leave it to a princess to put things into perspective.)

Do you already recycle dresses, or do you immediately go shopping whenever an event comes up?


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Pinst... Pinstripes4

I think most people recycle their clothes and a minority don't, because it makes sense. I love seeing celebrities do it because it means they're not wasteful idiots, but I have faith that the rest of us do the same.

Saerise Saerise

I can't afford to not recycle stuff. Getting something new every single time is pretty wasteful.

nhamp... nhampton401

Umm why is it so crazy for someone to wear something twice?? *GASP* The horror!! Please I wear the same outfits constantly. I mix it up and pair different things but I certainly don't have an "already wore this never to be removed again" closet. Anyone who has that kind of money can send it my way, I'll feed my kids with it thanks!

Aeris... AerisKate

I didn't realize that there were "regular" people that didn't wear the same clothes over and over again. 

stara... starandseen

I wear the same few dresses to weddings. Fortunately I don't go to that many weddings so I am fine with wearing the same few ones. But I will but a new one when I feel like I've worn them a few times already.

Marie-Anne Lecoeur

Investting in quality, well-made clothes means that you will save money in the long run. If you buy clothes that aren't too trendy but are more of a classic style, you can wear them again and again. You can jazz up an old classic suit or dress with a new piece of jewellery or brand new shoes. That way, not only will your look be unique, but you will feel good in the knowledge that you have not spent your rent money for that party!

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