'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Tells Us Her Deepest Tattoo Secrets

Kailyn Lowry tattoo
Kailyn Lowry shows off her tattoo
Kailyn Lowry may be known as one of the stars of Teen Mom 2 on MTV. But the mom from Pennsylvania has a growing number of fans for something that has nothing to do with motherhood. Kailyn is all about the body art these days. With tattoos popping up everywhere from her wrist to her thigh, this girl is all about ink.

But it seems like every time we turn around, Kailyn has another tattoo. Is she going to ever stop? The Stir had to ask, and Kailyn was more than happy to answer!

"I'm working on covering my whole body, so we'll see," Kailyn told us.

Got that? Her whole body. As in all that skin that's still uncovered! She certainly wouldn't be the first one to be covered in tats, but it's a controversial move. Although an estimated 45 million Americans have at least one tat, some 60 percent of employers in one survey said they wouldn't hire someone with visible ink.

So what about her critics?

"To me it's just art. I look at it as art," Lowry said. "I mean, people are going to judge, but I'm open-minded to it.

"I've had some kind of mixed reviews for my back, but it's not finished, so it's not fair! You can't judge an unfinished piece! The quote on my upper back says 'To the world you are one person but to one person you are the world,' with Isaac's initials. We kind of put a pretty scene of the world around it. That's what's going on with my back. It should be finished hopefully by the time I get married."

Kailyn also has a mermaid on her arm (which she showed off to us in our photo), a large dreamcatcher on her leg that she says is symbolic of her Native American heritage, and an infinity sign that matches fiance Javi Marroquin's. From there, who knows?

Where do you draw the line on tattoos? Would you cover your body?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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Poiso... PoisonousHoney

I wouldn't COVER my body PERSOANLLY. But I love tattoos. I have 4 and will be getting more soon. I know LOTS of people who have LOTS of tattoos. My dad is so many I can't count (two full sleeves and many others) to each their own. Why is it an issue? 

I find it HILAROUS that people are always like "It's a womans body if she wants to get an abortion, it's her business" but than a lot (not all) of those same people judge tattoos. Is it not HER body?! Exactly.

Elena Isabel Kilcullen

its ridiculous how employers would refuse to hire a perfectly qualified person for a position because they have visible tattoos. their tattoos dont inhibit them from performing every day tasks in the workspace.

Jessy76 Jessy76

Given the time and money I would have a heck of a lot more tattoos then I currently do. My only rule about tattoos is that I wont put any on my face or hands other then that everything is fair game. I love looking at tattoos it's a great form of expression, it has even started a few friendships.

jessa... jessasmamma

The only problem I have with anyone getting tattoos, is when they "don't" have money for other things. LIke their full amount of rent, etc. Obviously - I am well aware that the shows that we see are filmed way before they air on TV. I am just hoping that she's not still receiving aid and then paying for all of these tattoos. One of my good friends is a tattoo artist and you would be surprised how many people are on FS, etc but come in with iphones and pay $2000 for huge back pieces, etc. It's messed up.

Poiso... PoisonousHoney

Buying food EVERY MONTH and coming into a large sum of money at one time arevery different. Maybe they have all their bills up to date and they fell into some money (Tax return ect) and they wanted to do something nice for themselves. Just because I have 2000 right now doesn't mean I can afford to buy food EVERY MONTH. Honestly, if you don't know someones life story, get off your horse.

megat... megatriguena

Poisonoushoney. You just made jessamama's point. When one comes into a large sum of money and has a history of falling short on the monthly obligations, the smart thing to do would be to put your windfall in the bank for a rainy day, not an expensive frivolity like an iPhone or tattoo. In short, you can't "do something nice for yourself if your financial circumstances don't allow...

MissC... MissCatalina

I don't agree with getting a ton of tattoos all at once just so you can hurry up & consider yourself a "tatted up mama" who is supposedly different from everyone else. I have two tats, 6 years between each, & I've had the same facial piercing for 7 years. I'm tatted, pierced, & plan on getting much more. But there's no need to do it ALL AT ONCE just for the sake of making a statement.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

No matter how poor you are, You always have a right to take time and treat yourself in life as long as you pay your bills.

If you pay your bills first and it takes you 2 years to save that money you have every right to spend it any ways you wish.  If you want to buy a big TV or a pretty dress that makes you feel good or really nice shoes or even ink.

for poor it takes a long time to save any money at all to be able to do anything nice for themselves. So what they choose to do with it really is none of your business.Some people get to buy nice things all of the time every week even, So if someone buys something nice for themselves for the first time in many years their a monster if they are poor to do it???
become poor and then save for a year to buy 1 nice thing at all and never go out to eat ever then we will talk.

pay bills first save pennies second.

Melis... MelissaRiley

I love my ink and would never consider having my forearm tattoos removed.  However, my boss does not and I cover up my forearms at work with Ink Armor:  http://www.tat2x.com/  The sleeves work well and to be perfectly honest I don't really mind covering up to stay employed.  As long as there's no talk of removal I'm good.  My tattoos are a part of me that I love.

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