'Teen Mom' Stars' Most Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformations (PHOTOS)

Like mteen mom plastic surgeryost of America, I'm fixated on the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2's every dang move. Is Jenelle still dating Courtland? Is Kailyn still engaged? And for heaven's sake, are Maci and Ryan back together yet!!? Their relationship statuses ain't the only thing that's changed, though. Since their rise to fame, a handful of the girls have gotten plastic surgery to drastically change parts of their appearance. From boob jobs to nose jobs to chin implants, I'm having a hard time keeping up, let alone recognizing, these mamas.

So I thought, hell, wouldn't it be nice to take a look back on their pre-reality TV days and see just how much going under the knife has changed these girls? Yeah, it would. So take a look at Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, and Jenelle Evans pre- and post-plastic surgery. It's a total shocker!

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Do you think the girls look better before they went under the knife? Or after?

Image via soundlessfall/Flickr

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shann... shannabrown

I think Farrah's chin and nose don't look any better :/ I actually think she looked better before. Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with it. If its something you want and you have the money to do it (without taking from your kids), then go for it.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Fake tan, fake boobs that look like round little tennis balls (real boobs have a sexy sort of weight) fake faces, soon to find fake guys who like 'em that way.  Yuck--boring, cookie-cutter looking women, just what every guy wants, right?  Wrong.  Not the mrn I know.  What a waste of time & money.  I don't think they look better, I think they look plastic,  just like the surgery they had.

nonmember avatar Linda

You can tell these are kids raising kids! They only care about spending money to make themselves seem more attractive so they can "get a man." First, you don't need a man..you had one and you got knocked up...NOW be a MOM and a woman and take care of your baby first! Those boobs won't make you a better person or mother and it certainly won't pay the bills unless you plan on being a stripper when you finally grow up.

Angie... AngieHayes

If I had extra money to spend, I would totally get something done... Why not, if you dislike something about your body and you can afford to fix it, I say, do it!

nonmember avatar lena

you can tell these moms are going to be great mom's let me exploit my child and then spend all the money i make on it on myself, not their college education, so i can make ten more brothers and sisters for them who wont have shit cuz i spend every dime of it on making my tits better all i can say is what great parents

nonmember avatar Lynne Scott

Maci looks hard as nails. Like she has been around the block way too many times !!!!

nonmember avatar Charlotte

I remember watching Farrah's 16 & pregnant episode and i thought she was so pretty. But along with her new surgery face, her personality made her pretty ridiculous.

nonmember avatar brandi

if u cant exsept the way god made u then u have a seriouse problem thessse teen moms think just because they have money and are famous they have to be a barbie doll

Latisha Lafosse

I have nothing nice to say about Farrah. Can't stand her. She didn't make that porno for her daughter. She made it for herself so she could feel hot and she could have more money and be the center of attention. Yeah b/c have a guy like you just b/c you take up the ass, suck on a dick and have fake boobs is so much better than having a guy who likes you for your brains and personality!

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