Kristen Stewart's Bed Head Hair Looks Amazing: Here's How to Do It Yourself (VIDEO)

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Kristen StewartKristen Stewart is everywhere lately. No I'm serious, EVERYWHERE. Monday night she hung out with Jay Leno, Wednesday she stopped by Live! With Kelly and Michael wearing a hot orange dress, and then that night she was playing quarters with Jimmy Fallon. Sounds like a pretty fun press tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2, eh?

You know what I can't help but notice during all of these appearances? Yeah she's changing clothes (thank god), and surprisingly she's looking pretty damn good for each appearance, but you know what's the same? Her bed head, loosely styled waves. It's as if Kristen has somehow mastered the "I put no effort into my hair but still look fabulous" gig. She would.

Want KStew hair with minimal effort? Boy, do I have some suggestions for you. Take a look:

Although we're not exactly sure how KStew does her hair, there are LOADS of products out there targeted at getting the same look without a personal stylist. 

My two favorites? Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray ($24, and Fekkai's Advanced Beach Waves ($25, The secret to success with these products? Towel-dried hair. Simply apply each of them to your slightly damp strands, let them sink in for 5 minutes or so, and then dry using a hairdryer with a diffusing attachment. The diffuser enables low-heat to circulate around your waves and dry your hair evenly without the extra frizz. Bed head hair is as good as yours!

Check out Kristen's beach waves and pretty solid quarters skills, here:

Are you a fan of Kristen's hairstyle?


Image via NBC

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Bobbie Vaughn

Kristen is trying a lot of new styles lately, she's looking great, she's young, a good actress and she got a great boyfriend, she might not want to say anything but I do believe she's in love, I wish her the best in her future and her love, Ghugs

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