5 Easy Ways to Make Your Old Clothes Feel New Again

closetBetween work, taking care of our families, and maintaining some semblance of a social life, there's really not much time to hit the stores hard for some shopping. Not to mention, the holidays are headed our way (anybody else not planned their Thanksgiving dinner yet? Or is that just me?), so there's no chance in hell we'll be caught dead in a shopping mall anytime soon. With all the added stress of this season, it's no surprise that many of us are living in a state of emergency when it comes to our clothes. Like, how many times can I wear this sweater before people start noticing?

If you are struggling with your style (like I am), listen up. There's a simple, chic, and wallet-friendly way to give your wardrobe an upgrade. It's true. You can make last year's duds look brand spankin' new. And now, for the proof ... Take a look at the five hottest tips for recycling the clothes in your closet. You can thank me later.

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What tricks do you have for sprucing up your closet?


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  • Give Your 'Grandpa' Sweater an Update


    Come winter, we'll all be sporting our finest 'grandpa' sweaters (Elbow Patch Sweater, $59). And while the style gets an A+ for comfort, it's not always the sleekest look. But here's the fix: accentuate your natural shape with a metallic, eye-catching belt (Coin Belt, $39). You'll still be nice and warm and you'll be trendy as all hell.

  • Recycle a Maxi Dress


    As long as I live, I will never give up my maxi dresses. Don't care if it's summer, fall, or winter. So take your maxi (Slub Knit Maxi, $59) and make it work for you this winter. Just throw on a loose fitting sweater (Slub Knit Sweater, $14.80). Most importantly, don't fear white. Winter white is a staple, so don't shy away from wearing your summer shades in the colder weather.

  • Give Summer Flats a Warm Makeover


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    There may be snow on the ground, but there's still time to get more wear out of your flats (Stay in Touchable Flat, $33) -- after all, it can't snow all winter, can it? (Don't answer that.) Update your flat fashion by pairing them with tights (Layer It On Tights, $11). Opt for bright colors to perk up your look, a pattern to add drama, or keep it easygoing with a solid color.

  • Add a Winter Touch to a Maxi Skirt


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    Forget tucking away your summer styles. Give your wallet a break and your closet an easy upgrade by pairing your flowy, breezy maxi skirt (Jersey Maxi Skirt, $25) with a long sleeved top (Long Sleeved Striped Top, $8.80). Toss in a pattern (either on your top or your bottom) to give your look a fresh new perspective. To keep your legs from catching too much air, wear leggings underneath. You'll be comfortable and cozy.

  • Make a 'Grandpa' Sweater Office Appropriate


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    There are endless ways to make a loose cardi (Longline Marled Cardigan, $27.80) sexy. Here's one of them: Wear a sleeveless summer sheath (Keyhole Neck Sheath, $79.99) underneath. It works for the office or out to drinks. Pick the funkiest one in your closet for a fun, retro, and chic fashion statement.

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