Snooki's Nail Polish vs. The Kardashians': Which Would You Wear?

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snookiIf you're a reality star, it has become a mandate that you must a) sell your soul to the devil, and b) create a nail polish collection. Snooki is on her second phase of the deal, and last night on HSN, the Jersey Shore star launched her very own line of nail polishes. Snooki was also on air to hawk some slippers, sunglasses, perfume, and crocodillies, but those aren't nearly as exciting as the nail colors called "I'm a Gold Mind", "Fireball", and "Party's Here." 

So, hey. Let's take a look at Snooki's polishes versus the Kardashian polishes and crown ourselves a reality star nail color winner, shall we? Whee!

In the first corner, we've got the Kardashians' "Rainbow in the S-Kyle", "Listen to Your Momager", and "Kourt Is Red-i for a Pedi."

kardashian nail polish

And in this corner, we've got Snooki's "I'm a Gold Mind", "Fireball", and "Party's Here."

snooki nail polsih

The Kardashians' are each $7.99 and Snooki's are three for $19.99.

Snooki's definitely has more of a focus on GLITTER, while the Kardashians use their sparkle a bit more subtly.

And as far as the polish names go, well, I think Snooki's take the cake. Also, the caps -- zebra print totally beats out boring black any day of the week. Take that, Kimmy.

Both collections are on sale now, so choose your reality star polish wisely, and let me know in the comments ...

Whose polishes do you like better?


Photo via snooki/Twitter; OPI and HSN

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4cadi... 4cadillac

Team kardashian baby!

Christina Mancuso-Henry

I love Snooki's Fire Ball - it reminds me of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz :)

Tashinha Tashinha


Kristie Struck

Totally Snooki!!!!!!!! <3

Kathryn Garcia

Go Kardashians! Why pay more, I am sure the Kardashians are better quality anyways!

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