Miranda Kerr Has X-Rated Wardrobe Malfunction at Victoria’s Secret Show (VIDEO)


Miranda KerrThe Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a highly anticipated event every year, you know -- because no one can resist watching a bunch of models parade around in sexy lingerie. And of course, celeb model mom Miranda Kerr was the center of attention as she strutted her stuff on the runway in this forest green hued get-up.

Upon first glance at photos of her from the event, her slim post-baby figure obviously took center stage (because it ALWAYS does). But something other than her perfect bod kept catching my eye while looking at the pictures. Call me crazy, but it appears as though Miranda had a serious wardrobe malfunction in this particular ensemble.

Let me see, how shall I put this without sounding tacky -- Is Miranda's vag hanging out of the left side of her outfit or is Miranda's vag hanging out of the left side of her outfit? (OMG!)

Um, the strip of material covering her girly parts is pretty darn thin -- to the point that it's blatantly obvious that Miranda had to have one hell of a bikini wax before putting this thing on. (Ouccchhh!)

Maybe I need to have my eyes checked, but frankly I'm stunned that the Internet isn't going nuts buzzing about the fact that Miranda likely showed off a bit more of herself than she expected while striking a pose last night.

You can see more footage from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in this video clip. Luckily, Miranda's other looks for the night didn't give us a sneak peek of her nether regions.

Do you think Miranda had a wardrobe malfunction, or is she the victim of a weird camera angle?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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linzemae linzemae

It's the way the garment was made. Way to make a huge deal out of nothing

MissC... MissCatalina

Err, you know she models PANTIES right?

Trina... Trina.mhmm

Shoot I hang out of my regulary panties half the time so what! Atleast she has a nice lookin vag haha

nonmember avatar Frank

You say that like it is a bad thing. I thought it was AWESOME!!!

bubba258 bubba258

Wow, another useless story making a big deal out of nothing by Mary Fischer....Hold on in this article you seemed shocked that Miranda is well waxed, in the nude preg portrait article your shocked about a woman not being waxed, make up ya mind ya.

kelti... kelticmom

The vagina is the opening to the womb/cervix. It's inside you. There is no way for it to "hang out". What you see is her mons Venus, possibly her labia. This bugs the crap out of me. We are women, we have lady parts, why can't we call them by the correct name?

tuffy... tuffymama

Thank you, kelticmom. I hate it when people mean vulva but call it a vagina.

And nothing hangs on that woman. Except maybe her baby.

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