Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima Shows Off Post-Baby Body in Lingerie (VIDEO)

Victoria's Secret had its annual runway show last night, so not only could you goggle at the young skinny lovelies making their way down the stage in their lingerie and angel wings, but you could, once again, scream, "How the hell -- ??!!" as one of those new mom angels who was pregnant like two seconds ago but now easily slips back into a size zero bra and panties saunters in your direction. (The show airs on CBS December 4.) This time, the model was Adriana Lima, who gave birth to her daughter, Sienna, a mere eight weeks ago. And yet there Adriana is, her abs tight as a drum, her butt as high as a skyscraper, her thighs not even close to touching each other. But, wait, what's this? Something is different here. Let's take a closer look.


In pictures of Adriana standing next to her fellow angels, you can tell she's bigger than they are. Yeah, it's like putting a toothpick next to a needle and saying, "The toothpick is bigger." It's not anything you'd notice if she didn't happen to be standing next to girls who don't have one molecule of fat to spare.

But it's clearly there -- the hips are wider, there are some love handles. If you compare this body to the body she had last year in the same show, it's definitely more robust. Just like, well, she had a baby! Adriana has posted a lot of pictures in the past couple of months, working out like a fiend with boxing. Doctors don't recommend hard-core workouts right after having a baby, but when your living depends on it, I guess you have no choice.

I wonder how Adriana's post-baby body went down behind the scenes. Did anyone give her grief for not being able to knock that last inch off her waist? No doubt her VS contract calls for her to be certain measurements -- whether or not she just had a baby. So I'm guessing the folks behind VS could have booted her from the show if they wanted to. Maybe they liked having a model in the show who still had a little baby weight on her. (You're all going to scream, "What baby weight?!!" but I'm talking about what a supermodel is required to look like -- NOT YOU.)

Adriana is hardly the only new mama in the show. Lily Aldridge gave birth five months ago, and Alessandra Ambrosio six months ago. If you're going to be a VS angel, you must know that if you get pregnant, it's no excuse for not having a rockin' bod a few weeks after pregnancy. But those women who don't have to saunter down a runway in feathered bikini while still breastfeeding should take it easy.

What do you think of Adriana's post-baby body?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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