Kim Kardashian's 'KW' Ring Is Almost as Tacky as Her Sunglasses (PHOTOS)

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kim kardashian kw ring
Kim's KW ring
First there were the "KW" earrings, now comes the "KW" ring. Kim Kardashian just can't keep Kanye West's initials off her jewelry. The ubiquitous reality star traveled to London recently, and was -- shockingly -- photographed every step of the way. And one of the sneaky photographers, who surely wasn't tipped off by Kris Jenner, caught a glimpse of her new gold ring that declares her love for fame Kanye.

Actually, when you think about it, the ring is kind of cute. A little nod to your sig oth in trinket-form. The only thing I'm not loving about it is that it's attached to Kim's finger.

When a gal lives her entire life in front of millions -- tweeting her every fart; Instagramming her every bite of food -- you have to question her motives. Maybe she is simply wearing this ring because she likes it -- and because she likes Kanye. But when you take a look at her track record, you have to question it -- which makes the whole concept of "initial jewelry" less endearing.

If Beyonce was wearing a ring that read "JZ", or if Michelle Obama was wearing a ring that read "BO" (that would happen, right?), it would be sweet. Because we know it would be genuine. But when Kim does it, I don't know, seems a little fishy. That said, though, it's not a bad idea for those of us not looking to get a spread in US Weekly (or a post on The Stir).

In other news: Thoughts on the sunglasses Kim chose to accompany her finger party?

kim kardashian

Do you think Kim is "trying to get attention" with these outlandish looks?


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Misty... Misty.Dawn

i really like the Kardashians...but when are any other them NOT trying to get attention with every little thing they do?

dirti... dirtiekittie

kim has been trying to get attention since she spread her legs for a sex video. what's new?

nonmember avatar louisa

it's cute, IDC if for attention or not. I think it's sweet showing love/support for your significant other.



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