Michelle Obama's Election Night Dress Was Exactly What America Needed (PHOTO)

Michelle ObamaLast night wasn't just a victory for Democrats, it was a victory for fashion-lovers. First Lady Michelle Obama -- unsurprisingly -- brought it when she stepped on stage with her adorable two daughters to join her husband -- the President of the United States -- for his acceptance speech. The FLOTUS wore a burgundy brocade Michael Kors shift dress, black heels, and completed the look with her signature black cardigan. The best part about her look? It's a repeat. Actually, make that a three-peat!


Michelle originally wore the dress in 2009 to a White House function, then again in 2010 to a ceremony in Washington, D.C. And now, crazily enough, on the night her husband was re-elected. The woman loves to recycle -- and I've gotta say: I love her for that.

Most women, probably myself included, would, you know, buy something new for such a monumental occasion. I mean, you're going to be on a stage in front of millions of people, your husband was just appointed the leader of the free world -- again. But not Michelle. She's classy and confident enough to say, "You know what? This'll do." (Of course "this" usually will do when it's Michael Kors. But still!)

Political views aside, you must admit: MObama looks great in this dress. And it really is the perfect election night attire. A little bit of patriotism (red), a little bit of social consciousness (recycled), and a whole lot of understated class. Looking forward to four more years of fashion!

Did you like Michelle's dress?

Image via Scott Olson/Getty

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