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7 Colorful Ways to Brighten Your Dark Winter Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

by Adriana Velez on November 7, 2012 at 4:32 PM

winterSince there's no avoiding it, let's just all agree that winter is well on its way. And coming along with it? A darker, drearier cold weather wardrobe. It's a big bummer, but it's true. Seems like all the stores have ditched their prettier, eye-popping color for the warmer, richer winter tones. But just because the stores are doing it doesn't mean we have to, too.

Forget your basic black, gray, and brown -- it's time you reintroduced some color into your collection. Who cares if the weather outside is frightful (um, hi, nor'easter??), your fashion sense is certainly not, so don't be afraid to punch up your style and splash some bright, flashy hues into the mix. Of course, I'm not suggesting you head outside in all-out neon. No, just a touch of color here and a touch of color there will do the trick nicely. In fact, we scoured the web for seven ways to spruce up your tired winter wardrobe. So sit back, relax, and check out our list.

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Does the changing of the seasons affect your fashion sense?

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If you can't let go of your darker looks, don't sweat it. Add this earwarmer (Cranberry Juice Earwarmer, $29.99) to the mix for a perky and colorful walk through the snow.


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