5 Ways to Look Stunning in Tights (PHOTOS)

Anthropologie Dress and tightsI don't know what things are like where you are, but where I am it's cold. Really cold. As in, there's a nor'easter coming and I wore my winter coat to the office today -- cold. Along with the cold weather comes all sorts of seasonal fashion changes. Longer sleeves, longer skirts, boots, and of course, a favorite of many -- tights.

Sure men may hate us for hiding those legs come the winter months, but the right pair of tights can do wonders for an outfit while keeping your stems warm and (even better) preventing chaffing.

Not exactly sure how the right way to rock 'em? Not a problem. Check out our roundup of 5 ways to look stunning in tights:

How do you wear tights? Do you wear them often?


Image via Anthropologie

  • Wear 'Em With Shorts


    Image via Asos


    Take your summer favorites straight through winter by slapping on a pair of tights. I adore the deep red color of this pair from Asos ($35.18, asos.com), and they also come in blue, orange, and purple.

  • Get Fancy With 'Em


    Make any short flirty dress a bit more seasonal by adding a pair of dark tights. I love the colors (and the price!) available at Francesca's Collections. This pair is only $12!

  • Wear 'Em Patterned


    Image via Anthropologie


    Okay, so admittedly the whole pattern thing may affect how warm your tights actually are. But heck -- they're adorable. A pair of patterned tights like these ($22, anthropologie.com) add extra pizazz to a solid-colored dress and are totally flirty.

  • Wear 'Em Bright


    Image via Kate Spade


    You don't feel weird wearing brightly colored jeans, so why not opt for brightly colored tights, right? These Linear Dot Tights ($32, katespade.com) are cute and totally office-friendly. Get funky by choosing a different pair in other bright solids like pink or green.

  • Wear 'Em Sheer


    Image via H&M


    Snagging a few pairs of sheer tights like these ones from H&M ($5.95) is a no-brainer for the winter.

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