5 Pieces of Clothing Every Mom Needs in an Emergency

bagLike a lot of New Yorkers, I completely underestimated the havoc Hurricane Sandy would wreak on the city. I thought it would be windy and rainy and perhaps the lights would flicker, but I didn't really think we would need to evacuate. Boy was I wrong. I was totally unprepared to abandon our apartment.

I hadn't packed a "go" bag before the storm hit, and when we were finally scurrying to leave, there was no light to see what the heck we needed. We were already weighed down with essentials for my toddler, so I could only bring essential items. But as I sifted through my clothing by candlelight, I realized I didn't even own everything I needed, which were things that were comfy yet could be worn to work if necessary. Live and learn. Next time, I will know exactly what to have on hand if my family has to flee flood waters again. Here are the 5 clothing items every mom needs in an emergency:

What do you pack in your "go" bag?


Image via MJ/TR/Flickr


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