I'm Wearing Crocs and Hell Has Frozen Over

CrocsFirst, let it be known that I have nothing against Crocs.

How can I? My husband and children LIVE in Crocs in the summertime.

But I've always been pretty clear that it would be a cold day in hell before I'd be caught dead in them.

Well, that day has come -- but let's get one thing straight. CROCS TRICKED ME. 

I mean, do these boots look like Crocs to you?

I didn't think so!

(Also, does it look like I need to clean my mirror to you? Wait. Don't answer that.)

Click through to see more ways Crocs is tricking men and women across the country -- then tell me in the comments if YOU'D wear these sneaky Crocs!












Here are the Croc boots I'm wearing. There is NO WAY you'd know they were Crocs, except that when you put them on, the soles are obviously Croc soles.

This kind of riding boot can be very useful for a number of reasons. For one thing, it's far more lightweight than your average boot, yet you still have that chunky riding boot look. For another, Crocs soles are truly all-weather and they're incredibly easy to clean off, no matter what you've stepped in. This is why I love them for my kids. And now, I'm really happy to have a pair of boots that I can basically wear anywhere and not worry about ruining the soles.

These boots aren't cheap. They're $104.99, to be exact. But that's a good hundred to two hundred dollars less than most of the riding boots I've seen in department stores.

Crocs Cobbler Hiking BootsMeanwhile, my husband, a huge Crocs fan, is currently sporting these Crocs Cobbler Hiking Boots -- they're another Crocs creation that you'd never know were Crocs until you put them on and realize that that heavy-looking sole is actually a lightweight Crocs sole. I'm a big fan of these boots. Men's boots are SO heavy -- these are light as air.

CrocsBut these kids' Crocs are my absolute favorite. As I've told you, my children LIVE in Crocs all summer long, and I'm always a little dejected when cold weather comes and I spend countless precious minutes each day helping them find matching socks and then having to zip and velcro and lace up their winter shoes.

Now, both kids have fleece-lined Crocs. The fleece is wonderfully soft and warm, so they have easy-on, easy-off play shoes for winter that require no socks, no lacing, no zipping, no buckling ...


Ladies, we've had a longstanding Crocs debate here on The Stir and now I have to ask the Crocs opposition: Do these "sneaky" Crocs change your mind? And if you're a Crocs fan already, do these new Crocs make you love them even more?

Note: Crocs sent our family these shoes to try out for ourselves. Clearly, my opinions are my own!

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