Top Fashion Faux Pas of Red & Blue State Voters

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Voting BoothsIt's hard to believe that Election Day is finally upon us and thankfully, the overly annoying constant political ads will soon be a thing of the past. Sure, foreign policy and the economy have been hot topics throughout the campaigns, but comically enough fashion has been too. First, there was the buzz about what was on Mitt's American flag pin. Then the candidate's wives came together rockin' pink at the second debate. And who can forget Romney and Ryan's recent love affair with the North Face?

The candidates and their teams aren't the only ones that are concerned with fashion, though. What you wear to vote yourself says a lot about your character and who you support. For your Election Day entertainment, check out our SO TOTALLY ACCURATE synopsis of what voters wear in red and blue states when they head to the polls. 

In a red state ...

The red state voter generally likes to rock NASCAR gear, but Election Day is a special day. She wants to represent her candidate and do her beliefs proud, so she wears the best ensemble she's ever bought from WalMart OR an item she snagged from Loft that she got at one of the thousand 40 percent off sales. Topped off with black pumps, her voting look screams sophistication. She may also carrying a small handgun concealed in her purse.

Of course, there are those people that live in a red state that was to rebel. And in that time you may just catch a voter with their button-down untucked, one pearl stud bigger than the other, and shoot -- last season's Frye boots.

In a blue state ...

She is calm after watching one-too-many Obama speeches on YouTube. She owns the "Yes we can" mentality and that shows in her clothing choices. She's a little more relaxed when she heads to the voting booth, wearing something that most likely came from Urban Outfitters or a Macy's sale. Or a thrift shop, because she's ALL about supporting small businesses. She wears really comfy shoes like Toms and isn't too fussy over her makeup.

She has her iPad in her bag because she doesn't feel comfortable leaving home without it, and to top it all off, her Prius key is in her back pocket.

Do you think the stereotypes are a bunch of bologna?


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nonmember avatar Nikki

Funny! I live in a red state and most the women I know are more apt to be like the one you described in a blue state except that they are not voting for Obama. Not only that but the state I live in is Wyoming. You'd think we would fit the description to a T.

nonmember avatar Nikki

So yes stereotypes are silly. You can't put everyone in a box.

nonmember avatar Katie

What an astoundingly offensive and disgusting article. Um - YEAH, I would agree that these "stereotypes" are a "bunch of bologna". Ooookay... But your feeble attempt at laughing these snarky insults is inadequate. You are simply rambling off hateful, disrespectful jibes. When did politics become so completely personal, that so many feel justified in making fun of others for holding ideas different from theirs? And why is it okay for some to do this, while they stomp their feet and whine about the perceived and often fictional "intolerance" of others? I just don't get it. There is a huge disconnect here underlying the liberal mentality that just sickens me. Even if I agreed with the liberal agenda, I wouldn't want to be aligned with a movement that condones such personal attacks and stereotyping. Grow heck up. Reason with facts and maybe people will respect your viewpoint more.

Todd Vrancic

I will probably be wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt and boots.  My wife will likely still be in her work uniform and my kids will probably be wearing jeans and casual tops.  From a description of our clothes, guess how my family and I will be voting?  You probably have a 50% chance of being wrong.

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