Snooki Kisses 'Jersey Shore' Goodbye but Still Looks SO 'Jersey Shore'

SnookiShe's baaaaaaacccck! Yes, I'm talking about Snooki, and yes, I'm referring to the signature Jersey Shore style she was famous for before welcoming baby Lorenzo at the end of August. Flowers in her hair, animal print everywhere -- only Snooki can pull off this look -- and actually look good doing it.

And if you think this particular get-up was actually a bit toned down compared to what she normally wore during her pre-Lorezno days in Seaside Heights, check out Snooki's style for her first post-baby red carpet appearance.


Wow, I mean -- WOW. Have you ever seen that much leopard print on one pint-sized human being? (Or even on a leopard?) I guess it's true what they say -- you can take the girl out of Jersey Shore, but you can't take the Jersey Shore out of the girl.

But considering Snooki chose this outfit for the Farewell to Jersey Shore event in New York City, it's only fitting that she came dressed for the occasion to pay homage to the show that not only made her famous, but made her a household name as well. (Do you honestly know anyone who doesn't know who Snooki is?)

While at the event, Snooki told reporters that she hopes to be remembered for her various animal print looks 20 years from now, and somehow I'm guessing she'll have no problem getting her wish.

When you think of Snooki, is animal print one of the first things that comes to mind?


Image via Splash

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