6 Sexy Celeb Looks Inspired by '50 Shades of Grey'

fifty shades of grey bondageSomebody call 911 'cause Hollywood has come down with a serious Fifty Shades of Grey fever! Like most of the world, celebrities are turned on and talking about the steamy series. But that's not the only thing stars are picking up from the nation's hottest read.

Seems like stars are so caught up in the craze that they're doing just about anything to create their own Fifty Shades fantasy. Celebs are hitting the red carpet in bondage, leather, cut-outs, and dominatrix inspired fashions. No joke! Kim Kardashian wowed in a daring cut out dress and Vanessa Hudgens had jaws dropping in delight when she stepped out in a figure-baring frock. But that's not all ...

From Miley to Gwyneth, take a look at the six stars we spotted decked out in their best Fifty Shades wear.

Would you ever wear a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired piece?

Image via Mikamatto/ Flickr

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kelti... kelticmom

Enough already!!! If I see one more article about 50 Shades I'm going to barf. Let it go.

puasa... puasaurusrex

Seriously. I'm not sure how any of these are "inspired" by 50 Shades. Especially a freaking suit. Get over it. Not everything revolves around that stupid book.

nonmember avatar jen

Can you people go ONE flipping day without writing an article about this??

mompam mompam

I don't see how these are inspired by the book. I really don't think designers have rushed out collections that people are wearing already. These clothes existed already. He's wearing a suit. He always dressed like that.

Meg Moore

you writers are like dogf with a bone...drop it.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

These looks have nothing to do with that stupid book. Annoying.

Estel... EstellaHavisham

God, 50 Shades of Grey was terrible... and so is this onslaught of articles. Give it a rest. 

Haidy Saimbang

The book is NOT STUPID, saying that these people are inspired by the book is STUPID

nonmember avatar tabitha smith

SERIOUSLY????? people dressed like this way before that book came out...get over it!!!! You're literally beating a dead horse on the 50 shades of gray shit.

Simone Reinsch

seriously how are these inspired creations thanks to 50 shades? i would be caught dead in any of them. a karada (rope work) would be inspired by 50 shades of grey. or someone wearing a collar. not everyone in the kink lifestyle is rich and famous!

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