8 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Moms That Wouldn’t Embarrass the Kids (PHOTOS)

Captain America costumeAs a mom, I'm sure you've already figured out that finding a fun and appropriate Halloween costume to wear can be kind of a difficult task. On the one hand, it's the one night of the year you get to step out of the role of "mom," so it's only natural to want to choose a costume that makes you feel a little bit on the sexy side.

The problem is that so many women's costumes go WAY overboard on the sexy these days, putting them into more of a trashy category.

But the good news is that I've managed to find a few costumes for moms that still have a certain element of sex appeal going on without making you look like you belong on a street corner offering up your services.

How cute is this Captain America costume? The superhero thing is definitely hot, but since the outfit doesn't show too much skin, you won't feel out of your element wearing it.

Take a look at these photos to see more mom-approved costumes for Halloween.

What are you planning on dressing up as?


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paige... paige8608

I have a b & w bodycon illusion dress that I am wearing with arm-length, fingerless skeleton gloves & thigh-high skeleton stockings and heels. I'm doing my face as a skull rip-away. My SO is wearing a suit, top hat, skeleton shirt, & doing his face the same. We have this story of how we were out on the town one night & got into a freak accident...so we're these fancy, skeleton people...lol. It's going to be really cool. Our kids are going to be skeletons as well. We're doing it on the cheap so we had to get kind of creative.

2cent... 2centsCDN

So sick of the sexy halloween costumes! Halloween isn't supposed to be sexy, its supposed to be spooky & scary.

sasha... sashamom27159

Its not supposed to be anything but fun and if dressing up sexy is fun for you then that is halloween

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