Katy Perry's Tight Skimpy Dress Has Her Choice for President Written All Over It

katy perryDuring the past few weeks, celebrities have been letting their candidate choice in the 2012 election be known. Sarah Jessica Parker supports Obama; Stacey Dash, Mitt Romney; Lindsay Lohan, Mitt Romney ... then Obama. And because they're celebrities, they can't just support their candidate like a normal human being, they have to wear their presidential pick. 

First, we had Beyonce wearing Barack Obama earrings. And now we have Katy Perry wearing a ballot dress ...

... that has the Obama/Biden box checked off.

Oh, you zany Hollywood celebs! What are we going to do with you?


Katy donned the outfit yesterday, appropriately, at a late-night Obama rally in the battleground state of Nevada, where she both performed and encouraged people -- particularly the younger crowd -- to get out there and vote. The dress, as you can see, is a SUPER tight white latex situation with giant black words painted onto it.

My style? Not particularly, as I'm more of a "like to breathe" kind of gal, but I certainly applaud Katy's effort to do something different in the world of political fashion. If you're gonna do it, do it big, I guess. Forget the t-shirts that simply say "Obama" or "Romney" on them -- a skin-tight ballot dress -- with your candidate checked -- is where it's at.

Katy Perry's ballot dress. React to it:

Image via John Gurzinski/Getty

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