Kate Middleton Spends Nearly $200,000 a Year on Beauty Treatments: Here's What She Buys


kate middleton
Wait. You don't get spray tans every week?

Kate Middleton
may have just been voted UK's "most naturally beautiful woman", but hey guess what? It costs a whole lot o' cash to look as "naturally" gorgeous as Kate. So don't get down on yourself when you see photos of the beautiful Kate, all glowing and trim with hair as shiny as the day is long. The Duchess of Cambridge spends roughly $160,000 a year to look the way she does. I know.

Now. Let's take a look at the treatments/lotions/potions Kate purchases to keep her looking royally stunning.

According to Australian Vogue, here's a rundown of the Duchess' beauty and style expenses per year (converted from the Australian currency to US dollars):

$56,000: Wardrobe
$6,600: Deluxe facials every two weeks
$14,000: Keratin hair treatments and blow-outs three times a week
$3,100: Hair coloring every six weeks ("chocolate brown", FYI)
$2,200: Cosmetics
$6,700: Weekly manicure and pedicure
$13,000: Twice-weekly spray tans

Also, Kate apparently has "miscellaneous expenses" as well, which cover such things as perfume, a personal trainer, and skincare products.

Kate Middleton is absolutely stunning, and she's one of the classiest women the world has seen in a while, but could you imagine being able to spend that much money per year on things that make you pretty? I love me some beauty products, but I don't even know if I would physically be able to spend that much per year. (Okay, I probably would figure out a way, but still, it'd be hard.)

Kate certainly is "naturally beautiful" in the sense that she hasn't -- or at least doesn't look like she has -- had any work done. But that near-200 grand allowance she has for spray tans and blow-outs certainly doesn't hurt.

$160,000 a year, people! A year!

How much is your "beauty budget" per year?

Image via WPA Pool/Getty

kate middleton


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nonmember avatar shelly

How is $200,000s year on beauty treatments, not "getting work done?" Natural, my butt. She looked very different before all of this. Look at her pictures!!

Estel... EstellaHavisham

Mine is small! Really small! When I buy clothes, I spend ages evaluating it for timelessness, durability, and if it fits what my overall "consistent" taste is. I'll spend a lot on one piece of clothing, but it will be in my weekly arsenal for years (i.e. $128 Free People sweatshirt coat that I've worn constantly since 2007. Still looks great). Otherwise, I thrift. Might need new sneaks every now and again for running.

I spend on Lush products because it's really great for my skin type and has reduced the amount of cover up/powders I buy and their lotions cut down on shaving (my prickly Italian legs stay really smooth! and there isn't any skin drying alcohol or chemicals in it so I don't even apply it daily anymore). I actually have on one of their masks as I type this.

I'm a minimalist otherwise. No manicures or pedicures. No tanning. No hair coloring.

I'd say I spend a maximum of 400-600 a year including hair cuts and the odd party that I feel like I need to buy something new for (not including food obviously -- which I consider a HUGE part of staying conventionally pretty haha). If I had the cash though, I'd want to mirror Kate.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

$160,000? My entire budget for clothes and body products is more like $160 a year.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

When I first read the amount of money that Kate spends per year, I thought to myself "that's ridiculous!" but then I read the breakdown. I, too, get weekly manicures and pedicures and a biweekly massage. I get highlights and keratin treatments for my hair; I always buy the best available makeup; I spend what most would consider to be inordinate amounts of money on clothing and accessories. Now that I'm obtaining a ballpark figure in my head for all of this, I can see very well where the large number of $160,000 came from...

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