'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Got $16,000 Plastic Surgery Because She Hated Her Face

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Farrah AbrahamAfter hearing that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently got more plastic surgery to "improve" her appearance, I honestly don't know whether to roll my eyes or start to cry. Because why a beautiful 21-year-old girl would feel the need to alter her face with a nose job and chin implant costing $16,000 is just beyond me.

And the worst part is that even Farrah admits that the pressure of living her life in the spotlight is what made her finally break down and go under the knife. 

She told In Touch magazine, "I’ve hated my nose since I was 13. [Now] I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again."

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She went on to tell E! News, "People in my personal life see that I'm now a woman, not just a Teen Mom. Being in front of the camera is different than modeling, because now I feel more judged."

OMG! Doesn't that absolutely break your heart? Hearing her use the word "hate" when talking about her appearance is bad enough, but then to have her go on and say she feels judged because she's on TV only proves that she's fallen victim to the pressure to achieve some sort of unrealistic perfection.

And at only 21, Farrah hasn't even really come into her features yet, so there's a chance that her face could change a bit more as she gets further into her twenties. I know that I looked much more mature at 25 than I did at 21, so altering her facial features so early seems like a very bold move.

I guess if these surgeries truly made Farrah feel better about herself, all I can say is, "more power to her." But hopefully she'll take a good, long look in the mirror and realize she's gorgeous just the way she is, and cool it with the plastic stuff from here on out. If she doesn't, she may wind up not even being able to recognize herself down the road -- which is something that no woman wants.

Do you think Farrah will regret having a nose job and chin implant?


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Saerise Saerise

She's going to hate old age...

nonmember avatar kaerae

And in 15 years when no one remembers who she is and Sophia has to work at Burger King, she'll know where her college fund went!

MamaD... MamaDee83

She was such a beautiful girl before going under the knife - it's so sad that even naturally gorgeous girls think that they are not attractive because of the unhealthy standards and obsessions "we" have!!

curly... curlygirl31

All that money wasted. She looks no different than before

linzemae linzemae

Why should we judge her because she changed something on her face she didn't like? I would absolutely change something on my face if hated It and had the money.

mybab... mybabybugssmile

OMG ROFL!  It looks like she just added a fat roll to her chin and face and its more square like a man. Haha. Fail.

Melissa Lampkin

This is very sad and I must say I am disappointed in her decision to spend that kind of money on plastic surgery rather than saving it.  She looks exactly the same as she did before, a very pretty young woman. It is sad that society makes woman feel this way about themselves and forces us to feel like we need to change our appearance to "fit" in. SMH I thought Farrah was smarter than this!

alsmu... alsmullins7

She was so pretty. I don't understand why she did this.

tuffy... tuffymama

That was a hell of a beak, but she would have most likely grown into it. Chin implants are gross and only people with SERIOUSLY receding chins should get them. Also, wouldn't that money have been better spent if put toward a savings or investment of some sort for her kid? This woman is really young, and apparently ridiculous. To each his own, but the rest of us can still think you're silly.

howcrazy howcrazy

She looks completely generic. Her and bristol palin must have picked the same chin.

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