Michelle Obama's Recycled Debate Dress Matters to Moms

michelle and barack obamaFolks, there is a much, much bigger issue happening here in the good ol' U.S. of A. than the Presidential election. Who can take all that foreign policy and economy talk when the First Lady of the Free World, Michelle Obama, was spotted re-wearing an old dress within a month.

Oh yes, I kid you not. The FLOTUS wore the Thom Browne gray and black get-up on the night her hubby delivered his speech at the DNC weeks ago, and to the shock of every fashionista tuning in, she re-wore that very dress to the third presidential debate.

But applaud our first lady. The reason? MO's dress means more to moms than that boring old debate ever did.


Whether she sported it to the grocery store, the DNC, or Malia's dance recital, that frock is fantastic. So why are we really making such a fuss over it? Let us not forget, friends, Michelle Obama is a mother. She's gone to great pains to remind everyone watching that her duty as Mom-in-Chief comes first. And here's the worst kept secret about moms: They don't always have the time (or funds) to put together a new outfit for every single event. Gasp!

I think it's commendable that the FLOTUS stepped out in a dress that she'd previously worn in front of the nation once before. Good for Michelle that she doesn't give in to the pressures of being a style icon and always dressing in something new. It sends a message to women, to girls -- and most importantly, to moms -- that it's always a good idea to "shop your closet" before heading out to the stores. And booonus! Think of all the money, time, and stress it saves you.

Serious props to you, Mrs. Obama. And hey, if you ever wanna invite a friend over to shop your closet, I'm basically free ...

Are you bothered by Michelle's recycled look? Do you even care?


Image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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