Natalie Portman’s Awesome Cleavage Isn’t Necessarily From Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)

Natalie Portman boob job

Actress Natalie Portman made quite the Internet splash over the weekend when she showed face at the Texas vs. Baylor game wearing a low-cut lace tank top. WHOA. Momma is lookin' goooood. Sure, it coulda just been a great tank, but people everywhere (myself included) are wondering if perhaps Nat's had a little bit of work done. Yup, the big question: Did Natalie Portman have a boob job?

OK, maybe the extra volume is just because she's breastfeeding her 1-year-old son Aleph. Whether she did or didn't go under the knife, the actress is most definitely lookin' a little more voluptuous than days past -- and I'm jealous.

Not to worry my fellow Portman breast enthusiasts. You too can have a fuller-looking rack in a flash. Read on to find out how:


A push-up bra: OK, so this is the most obvious thing you can do. However, it's also the cheapest. You know you can find some damn great boobie boosters at discount stores like Target, Walmart, and the like. The best part? If you get stuck in some sort of apocalypse and there's a flood, you'll have your own flotation device!

Wear the right shirt: Instead of rocking layers upon layers, give your girls a little of the spotlight by wearing flattering v-necks and scoop necks. I'm not saying put on a corset. I'm just saying maybe opt for a vest with a flattering white boat neck T-shirt instead of a parka.

Start breastfeeding: Yeah, you may need to have gone through the whole child birth thing for this one.

Chicken cutlets, anyone?: Warning -- do not opt for these silicone inserts if you're trying to get frisky. Your partner may be a little confused and slightly disappointed. Loads of beauty stores sell nude inserts that you can place into the bottom of your bra for a little extra lift.

Before I let you go, let's take a look at the footage from last weekend's football game. Then tell me, do you think Natalie Portman's had work done?


Image via MrJamesAyala/YouTube

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