Michelle Obama vs. Ann Romney: Whose Debate Dress Stole the Show? (PHOTOS)

ann romney vs. michelle obamaIn the final presidential debate, President Obama and Mitt Romney squared off on foreign policy -- trading barbs, zingers, and their platforms on everything from a nuclear Iran to horses and bayonets. And while polls are reporting a pretty solid victory for one candidate over the other, the winner of another contentious competition is less clear ... That is, the one between First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney's dueling A-line debate dresses!

Last night, instead of being color twinsies -- as they had been during last week's townhall debate -- the candidates' wives both opted for the same classic silhouette. So who wore it best?


Michelle rocked a gray, short-sleeve number with a black lace overlay and black belt designed by American designer Thom Browne. Look familiar? That's because she's worn it before -- gasp! -- and recently, to boot, at the Democratic National Convention in August. But hey, that definitely shows an effort to "recycle." She paired the frock with a glittery ribbon pin. As a whole, the look was simply chic, classy, and romantic = five stars for the FLOTUS!  

michelle obama final debate thom browne

Meanwhile, Ann chose a green-to-white Dominican-American designer Oscar de la Renta number that nipped at the waist with a green belt and flared out into a very 1950s-ish floral print skirt. Mrs. Romney topped off the look with with a clear accent necklace. Overall, it looked like a bit of a nod to the sophisticated style our current FLOTUS has trailblazed while on the campaign trail and in the White House.

ann romney final debate green oscar de la renta

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So, the winner? To me, it was obviously Michelle for "shopping her closet" and going with an unexpected but totally chic color combo. But just as with the election, I'm sure there are some very differing opinions out there ...

Whose A-line style do you prefer -- Michelle's or Ann's?


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