Britney Spears Gets Bangs: 5 Ways to Do Her Hairstyle Yourself

bangsBritney Spears changed up her California-girl look recently and went and got herself some bangs. The 30-year-old mother of two debuted her new haircut Friday, when she stepped out of an L.A. hair salon with blunt cut, straight bangs. I'm not sure whether or not it was her actual, biological hairs that were trimmed, or if it was her extensions that got chopped, but in any case, her hair, the hair, whatever, it looks good. And thank goodness those colored pieces were removed. I wasn't a fan.

So, party peeps, thinking of updating your fall look with some bangs? Here's what you need to know.


Make sure you have enough hair to pull off the bang look. True story: a stylist once told me my hair's too thin to really support blunt bangs. To get enough of them, he said he'd have to, like, put the starting part of the bangs near the back of my head. No thanks! So talk to a bang pro before going for it.

Be prepared for the maintenance. Not only will you need to keep up with the trimmings, but if your hair's not pin straight, you're going to have to blow dry your bangs every morning or so.

Reel in the frizz. Last thing anyone wants is frizzy bangs -- it's not 1983 anymore. Make sure you smooth them out with some shine serum or de-frizzer spray.

Dry shampoo is your bestie. Between washes, soak up any grease with a dry shampoo at the point where your bangs begin, and work the product down to the tips.

Volumize. You have less hair now that you have bangs, so be sure to make up for lost follicles with a volumizing product and/or a round-brush blowout.

Good night and good luck.

Ever had bangs? Ever want them?


Photo via rachel tirigira/Flickr

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