Beyonce Wears Obama Earrings the First Lady Wouldn't Approve Of

beyonce obama earringsNot sure if you knew this, but Beyonce supports President Obama. So much so that she and her husband, Jay-Z, held a fundraiser for him, where tickets were $40,000 a pop. So much so that she designed (some pretty adorable) Obama baby onesies. So much so that she was spotted the other night wearing ... Obama earrings.

Obama earrings, huh, Bey? Interesting choice. Wonder if Mrs. O, AKA the First Lady of Style, would approve.


I'm going to say, yes, she would approve, as it's someone supporting her husband. But I'm also going to say Michelle Obama probably wouldn't wear these gold hoops with the word "bama" written in the hole. (Get it? The hoop is the "O".) Just doesn't seem like her style.

Political clothing ... well, it's tricky. Because it's usually not the most fashionable of garments. Of course, it's great to be involved and show your support for a candidate (apathy is so not chic), but when it gets into presidential candidate jewelry -- I dunno, it's a little odd. And it's not totally necessary, as there are plenty of other ways to show your support.

Bey could have worn a t-shirt; or a pin; or stuck a bumper sticker to one of her limos to show where her vote lies. But then, those things wouldn't really have us talking. So maybe the earrings were a smart choice.

Here's an affordable pair, if you're so inclined:

obama earrings

Would you wear presidential candidate jewelry?


Image via Splash/Erika Pena

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