Jessica Biel's New Wedding Ring Has Nothing on Her Engagement Rock

jessica biel wedding ringNow that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have officially tied the knot, some of the details about their blissful Italian nuptials have leaked, but we're still itching to know more! In a couple of days, Jess's dress will be revealed by People magazine. But paparazzi have been snooping all weekend for shots of something else the bride wore, that is, after she said "I do": Her wedding ring!

When Jess went for a walk in Fasano, Italy after becoming a married woman, she "show[ed] off her wedding ring." E! Online says, "Of course, it may be slightly hard to see, falling as it does in the shadow of that gigantic boulder of a diamond engagement ring, but if you look close enough, it's there." Hmm ... So, in other words, we have no idea what it looks like, thanks to the magnitude of her big ol' rock!


That right there raises a key question: How should one's wedding ring compare to their engagement ring? Do we really need a matching set -- i.e. white gold pave diamonds that match the white gold pave band on your round halo setting? Or is something a bit understated (think plain white gold band) prettier in its traditional simplicity?

As a bride-to-be, I'm attempting to contend with this very issue as we speak. As a Jewish bride-to-be, I'm supposed to at least get married with a solid band without any gems, cuts, or details. The plain, untarnished circle of the ring represents "the wholeness and eternity of one's commitment to one's spouse." And while I love that symbolism, and feel like I would definitely want to use a simple band in our ceremony, I have to admit part of me would also love a band with a little bit of antique-y design and bling. Conundrum! Haha.

Ultimately, it comes down to a combination of personal style and tradition ... (And oh, yeah, budget!) But celeb or not, I actually wouldn't be surprised if it does turn out she left the job of "blinging it on" to her engagement ring alone. Guess we'll just have to wait and see once a paparazzi gets that coveted shot!

What's your wedding ring like (or what would you want it to look like) compared to your engagement ring?

Image via Splash News

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