Kim Kardashian Glows in White Lace Dress -- Did She & Kanye Have a Secret Wedding?


kim kardashianI feel kind of bad that I didn't get Kim Kardashian anything for her birthday. She and her family are the gifts that keep on giving ... the least I could've done was send the girl an e-card or something. Alas, Kim's 32nd birthday has come and gone, but I don't think she had to time to notice the absence of my digital greeting -- she and Kanye West were too busy having an grand old time in Italy. Kimye was spotted in Rome then in Venice, and by all accounts, the couple looked like they were having a lovely, romantical getaway.

Plus, Kim was wearing a white lace wedding dress, so there's that.

She and Kanye were photographed taking a walk in Venice -- he dressed in dark jeans, a black tee and blazer, and black sneakers; she in a long sleeve lace bubble gown with black peep-toe booties -- and looked happy together. Like, really happy together. Like, newlywed happy together.

There aren't any reports that the could tied the knot while in Italy, but the dress Kim was wearing, combined with their lovey dovey smiles, make us wonder if they don't have marriage on the mind.

I would have to give them mad props (hey, do people still say "mad props?" -- hope so) if they got married in a secret ceremony in Italy. I mean, after that Kim and Kris 4-hour televised wedding extravaganza last year, something tasteful and quite would be a prudent choice.

Also, I'm obsessed with that dress. Kim looks fantastic in a chic, old-school Italian way, and I'd love to see her get married in something that doesn't scream "Imma Princess!! Imma Princess!!" like her last wedding dress did.

Love this look, Kim, and hey, happy birthday!

Do you like Kim's dress? Think they had a secret wedding?


Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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purpl... purpleflower514

I thought she was still married to that other guy.

Casey Dalbey

I totally want to get married in that dress!!! But no she didn't get married unless she has a desire to practice bigamy. I am sure she loves the attention from the speculations caused by her attire.

momofcfk momofcfk

She is still married to Kris....

nonmember avatar Tanisha Shelton

Kim is so in love with herself it's sad. Those pictures with "no panties" on with that see thru gray skirt on is really sad. Kanye, is like a "dog in heat". Sad case!

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