Natalie Portman Shows Cleavage at UT Game & the Web Comes Unhinged (PHOTO)

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It's been a little over a year since Natalie Portman gave birth to little Aleph and about two since the web has really thought about the actress in "that way." Well, the respect-a-new-mom break is over and the brigade of oglers who use terms like "MILF" were unleashed tonight when the cameras at the Texas vs. Baylor game panned on Ms. Portman in all her low-cut lace top glory. Um, even my eyes boinked out a little when I took a glimpse. Hello, mama Natalie! Looking gorgeous to the max.

Check out the reactions Portman was getting on the web tonight. Let's just say everyone stopped talking about football and Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender (who were also reportedly at the UT game) for a good long while to talk about (and drool over) OHMYGOD Natalie.


Wow, she is dressed a little sexier than usual. But then again, I've never run into Natalie Portman at a college football game. Maybe this is how she dresses for those. She's looking pretty amazing, I must say. But mostly I'm cracking up at how Twitter became completely unhinged at the sight of her. Her name even became a trending topic for awhile.

Whoa, did yall see Natalie Portman at the UT game?

Can we put the camera back on Natalie Portman when Baylor gets back on defense?

Regardless of the outcome in the  vs  game, the real winners are anyone who got close enough to Natalie Portman to smell her.

Every time Baylor airs it out they need to cut to Natalie Portman on Godzillatron. She's our best defense

PIC: Natalie Portman is in Austin, and...OH MY GOD! 

I'm not married to Natalie Portman. 

Best part of the UT Baylor game? Seeing Natalie Portman. Girl looked goood.

And don't miss the lovely Natalie Portman GIF going around.

What do you think of Natalie Portman's look tonight? 


Image via ABC

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