'Real Housewife' Joanna Krupa Shows Naked Breasts in Shocking See-Through Top

Joanna KrupaReal Housewives of Miami star and supermodel Joanna Krupa isn't one to act shy. Modesty just ain't her thang. She's a gorgeous, blond, Playboy-posing bombshell, and she knows it -- and really, what Housewife isn't over-the-top, me-me-me confident, at least on TV?

But I think a lot of us were still stunned when we saw the date night photos of Joanna with her fiance in a totally see-through top. A silver, glittery number that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Yes, sheer is in. Nip slips are all the rage. But this shirt is different. You can't just kind of see her breasts. You can totally see them -- all of them.

Well, you can check them out for yourself after the jump. The photos, you pervert! I mean the photos!


Joanna Krupa breastsOkay, so we're required to blur out some parts, but you get the idea, right? Here are Joanna Krupa's breasts in all their glory, no retouching, if you are REALLY interested.

All I have to say is, WTF? Is the former Dancing With the Stars babe that desperate for attention and headlines that she has to pull something like this? I mean, the answer is obvious and it worked like a charm. But still. What was her fiance Romain Zago thinking? He looks positively gleeful in some of the shots and kind of mortified in others. I would be if the woman I proposed to went out to dinner with me showing her bare boobs to everyone. Does no one have any shame anymore? We've got Christina Aguilera without underwear, the every-other-day wardrobe malfunction, and now this?

M'kay. Off my soap box now. Have a nice weekend. And you're welcome for the photos!

What do you think of a stunt like this? Am I just a prude? Do I need to get over it?

Images via Splash

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