Christina Aguilera Forgets Underwear & Pants on Late Night TV (VIDEO)

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christina aguileraI may not be a fan of Christina Aguilera's dip-dyed pink hair, but I am a fan of her sense of humor. The Voice judge decided she'd go on Chelsea Lately last night under one condition: Chelsea, who's made fun of Christina on more than one occasion for not wearing pants, had to do the interview wearing only fishnets and a bodysuit. The result, as you can imagine, was fantastic. There the two women sat, pantless, and just when you thought that was as risque as it was going to get, Christina managed to take it one step further and revealed to the world that she doesn't like wearing underwear. Yep, not only does Xtina go pantless, but she goes underwearless, as well.

I guess that means that the only thing Christina feels comfortable wearing is skirts, dresses, those diaper/hot pants things she wears, aaaand pantyhose. Personally, I feel like underwear would be a necessity under each of those garments, but Christina, evidently, would beg to differ.

I gotta agree with her, though, going commando can make you feel more free, but at some point, I'd have to argue that having a cotton barrier between you and some nylons would be more comfortable than it would be uncomfortable. That said, I could be wrong -- I'll admit I've never just worn a t-shirt with pantyhose and no underwear. Maybe I'm missing out on the comfort of a lifetime.

For the time being, I think I'll stick to wearing pants as well as underwear, but hey, Halloween's coming up. If you're looking to make your Christina Aguilera costume authentic, remember: no pants, no undies, no problem.

Watch Christina and Chelsea discuss underwear:

Do you ever go commando?


Photo via chelsealately/YouTube

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nonmember avatar shelly

She also forgot to not have stupid hair.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Wow that was more than i cared to know...

kkey75 kkey75

When I was in HS I was on the dance team and we NEVER wore panties under our hose or tights because they would show during performances. You will also never see a pro dancer wear panties under them.

nonmember avatar zzz05

totally different from "christina aguilera pants and forgets underwear"

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