Courtney Stodden's Face May Be 'Natural,' But This Outfit Sure Isn't (PHOTO)

Courtney StoddenCourtney Stodden, person who has a Twitter account, posted a photo of herself in what we can assume is her galley kitchen, wearing black, platform stilts, a pleather catsuit, Stephanie Pratt-esque hair extensions, and -- is that Cameron Diaz's face? The accompanying caption read: "Kitchy-counter pose ;)" The accompanying reaction was: "Is there a photo of a kitten that will help me unsee this?"


Stodden's attire (and pose), per usual, are ridiculous. And I feel a little bit like I need a shower for even writing this, because, clearly, it's exactly what Stodden wants: To be talked about. (Hi, Courtney! I know you have a Google Alert for your name, girl!)

The posting of this photo coincides nicely with Courntey's recent trip to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon in order to verify that she hasn't had any work done. Spoiler alert: According to the surgeon, Courtney is 100 percent au naturel. In her face, at least.

This outfit, though, is not natural. It's insane. And I'm really hoping Courtney picked it up at a store named Halloween Town. Or Halloween 'n' Things. Or Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Because this is not something anyone should wear on a day that people are not encouraged to dress up like slutty pumpkins, and teachers, and hamburgers. Even if it is meant to be kitsch. 

Do you love Courtney's outfit?

Image via Courtney Stodden/Twitter

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