Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Bashed for 'Ugly' Candy Striped Skirt: Is It Really So Bad?

Caroline WozniackiWow. Tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki just can't catch a break today. I mean, you'd think people would be cheering for her and patting her on the back after she defeated Dominika Cibulkova and will be advancing to the Kremlin Cup semifinals.

But instead of giving her a good old fashioned "congrats," all anyone seems to be buzzing about is Wozniacki's "heinous" pink and white skirt, which she wore during the match. From saying it looks like the designer ran out of fabric to comparing her look to an upside-down cupcake -- some folks think this thing is the biggest fashion fail to ever hit a tennis court.


Seriously? A skirt? People are getting all bent out of shape about a skirt?

I can totally understand fans giving her a hard time if she'd had some sort of wardrobe malfunction or if the skirt were truly hideous, but after looking at it, I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

Yes, it has multiple layers of colors -- but when did that become a bad thing? Maybe it's the pink stripe that's throwing everyone off? (But isn't pink kind of "in" right now?) She wore a similar outfit in the past that had big, bold stripes of blue, white, and gray -- so why is this pink skirt being singled out as so ugly?

And I understand that her outfits are designed by Stella McCartney so people expect them to be over-the-top style-wise, but is this skirt really that big of an eye-sore that it's making headlines today?

What do you think of this skirt? Is it really worth of all the criticism it's getting?


Image via Lintao Zhang/Getty

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