Demi Moore v. Mila Kunis: Who Looks Hotter Now? (PHOTOS)

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Demi vs. ...There's been a lot of talk lately about how Demi Moore is devastated by Ashton Kutcher's relationship with Mila Kunis and how she's feeling "jealous and frustrated" and blah blah. I don't doubt it's true. You'd be devastated too if your husband was a chronic cheater. But I say, suck it, Ashton!

The fact is, Demi is looking better than ever, and maybe it's because she just shed 170 pounds of STRESS, if you know what I mean. In the past, Demi has looked too thin and frail, but she stepped out in New York last night looking like she's put on a few pounds, and she's just glowing. I'm gonna say it: She looks better than Mila! IMHO.

... vs. Mila

Okay, so Mila was named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire and all that. And I'm betting most men will disagree with me. In fact, probably ALL men aren't going to agree with me. But just because I'm heterosexual doesn't mean I can't spot a beautiful woman, and Demi is gorgeous. I think she's hotter than Mila. I do! Especially when you consider that she turns 50 in November. This woman doesn't look anywhere near 50. I don't care if she's had plastic surgery -- if she did, then she's had it the way it's supposed to be done, because she looks completely natural.

I think Ashton was a complete fool. Maybe he wants kids, and yes, I'm quite aware that it's pretty much the natural state of men to want and chase after young women. I'm not an idiot. But he and Demi had so much in common: They were both into Twitter and technology; they both had a passion for raising awareness about sex trafficking. And if rumors are correct, Demi was occasionally letting him do this thing on the side anyway, so what was he thinking ruining such a good thing?!

Like I say, I'm sure most guys are gonna disagree. But it's not like Demi was Ashton's age when they met, so that couldn't have suddenly taken him by surprise. And it's not like Demi looks any worse for the wear. Mila, on the other hand, isn't looking her best these days. Because I think being with Ashton isn't good for the soul -- or body.

Who's hotter: Demi or Mila?


Images via Pacific Coast News

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poppy... poppymuffin

Mila looks like she could be Demi's daughter.

bugdo... bugdoodle313

I don't know, they are both beautiful women. Yes Demi looks amaaaaaazing for her age, and she's gorgeous, but hell I wouldn't mind looking like Mila on her worse day either. So she doesn't always step out the house looking like she had a team of hair and make up artists working on her, I think it's refreshing seeing a star that isn't always worried about her appearance.

zandh... zandhmom2

I think they are both beautiful but Mila has youth on her side.  Since I don't personally know any of them, I can only guess to say that Demi reminds me of a clingy, emotional mess and I would guess no matter how much you love someone, after a while that shit gets old.

elle7777 elle7777

I think it's silly to pit a twenty something year old against a woman that is nearly 50.

purpl... purpleflower514


Even when Demi was Mila's age Mila still wins.

Jennifer Parker

she looks great...time will heal...and she will eventually find someone new. Ashton is no big deal, seriously. Demi can do much better. Don't just sit around your friends grabbing a cup of coffee,, gives you the oppurtunity to flirt with many singles around.

nonmember avatar Jen

What's with Demi's neck?! Looks like a tranny

Kai El' Zabar

I'm with you girl,Demi beats out that other girl(not worth mentioning her name) all the way around. Ashton is cute, smart and knows how to make money but she got what she needed from him and so as time would have it; it is time to move on. She will land right where she's suppose to. Keep smilig Demi, cause you've got lots to smile about.

nonmember avatar Sandra

I don't think they should be compared in that light. It's ridiculous. The split had nothing to do with Mila, he's now her future problem, and he will do same to her. Demi is not the reason he cheated, he is a cheater & always will be. Both women are Gorgeous.

nonmember avatar Rocky Larson

demi email me rockylarson@yahoocom

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