Jennifer Aniston's Hair Can Finally Be Yours in a Few Simple Steps

Jen AnistonI'm not exactly one to covet what other people have -- except when it comes to Jennifer Aniston. Like a lot of us, I want her abs. I want her butt. I want her legs. Her boobs. Her never-orange permatan. Yes, I'm straight. But, c'mon, Jen looks amaaaazing! While most of us will probably never have Aniston anything, especially that ginormous rock on her finger or her memories of Brad Pitt in the sack, there is one thing that maybe just maaaaaybe we can all have. Her hair!!!

If this was high school, Jen would have won "best hair" every single year since she's been on Friends. It always looks sorta like she just came back from the beach-slash-hair salon. Can it really be yours? Apparently so. And you don't even have to do something like wait 'til she's asleep, shave her hair off, and glue it to your scalp. 'Cause that would be weird.


Jen has become co-owner and spokesperson for Living Proof hair care products. She says:

Over the years, my hair has been subjected to everything ... blow dryers, flatirons, curling irons, color, extensions, you name it. After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day.

So what exactly does Jen do to get that hair?! 'Cause inquiring minds buried under bad hair need to know. Well, here's her secret, y'all: Jen uses Living Proof's No Frizz Shampoo, then Full Conditioner, and then Full Root Lifting Spray on her roots, and then a dab of Amp2 on her ends to give it texture. She doesn't use a brush either!

Look, I'm not one to blow smoke up your butts. I don't know that anything will truly give you Jen's hair except Jen's DNA. However, it's hard to turn away from a product that Jen uses and endorses -- and did I say uses??

Still, she does also have hair stylist and BFF Chris MacMillan to fluff it all into bed-heady casual but stylish perfection, and he doesn't come with your bottle, just FYI. Nor does Justin Theroux. But this sounds like a start.

Would you try Jen's hair products?


Image via Living Proof

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