Ann Romney's Blue Nails at Debate Show She Has Edge

ann romney kissing mitt romney blue manicure debateThere's no debate: Both Ann Romney and First Lady Michelle Obama looked fabulous Tuesday night in Hempstead, rocking their absolutely stunning Schiaparelli pink outfits. I have been dreaming of that hue ever since. But that's not the only thing to love about this brilliant fashion moment. There were some gorgeous details both ladies incorporated into their looks that deserve shout-outs.

For instance, FLOTUS rocked classy pearls, and Ann Romney paired her pink with hints of ocean blues -- specifically a translucent, turquoise bead necklace (very pretty with the pink!) and wait for it -- a pale lavender-blue manicure! Definitely kind of a '90s throwback reminiscent of those Hard Candy polishes we all had circa Clueless. And much like the blue grey manicure worn by Michelle Obama for her speech at the Democratic National Convention.


You gotta admit -- the pairing of the colors is certainly unexpected. She always looks pretty darn flawless, but I wouldn't peg her as the type to go for a trendy polish! I mean, we're talking about Ann Romney here. The same woman who had a perfectly matched red mani at the Republican National Convention.

So, obviously, unconventional nail polish colors -- not necessarily neon brights, but you know, the non-pinks/reds -- have totally gone mainstream. Maybe that's kinda old news, but I don't think so. If only because it was only a couple of years ago my sister-in-law-to-be -- who works as an attending physician in an E.R. -- was admonished for rocking some sexy garnet-erring-on-black polish. Apparently, it wasn't "professional" enough. Boooo.

But judging from Ann and Michelle's color picks, perhaps, now, we've entered an era in which blues and purples and eggplants on polished, professional, classy ladies like Ann and Michelle are completely acceptable. In which they can be considered just as sophisticated as boring ol' conventional neutrals. And you know what? Thank goodness, because why should vibrant women in the public eye be limited to dull style?

How are you liking Ann Romney's manicure?


Image via Win McNamee/Getty

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