Brad Pitt’s New Chanel No. 5 Ad Has 2 Sexy Women Romping Around With Him (VIDEO)

Brad PittWe all saw the first Brad Pitt Chanel ad. All the steaminess. All the monotone sexiness. The pure Brad Pitt corniness. The long hair ... which makes many of us reevaluate our thoughts on men with long hair. Well lucky for all predictable women everywhere who obviously will take any chance to gawk over the fine specimen -- there's a second installment. Using the same script, Pitt is joined by two women lingering in this alternate Chanel universe.

Halfway through the ad, it switches to just good ol' Brad and the camera -- just like the first. I can't help but state the obvious: Was Brad Pitt not good enough by himself? The THOUGHT! As women -- do we need to see other attractive women to want something for ourselves?


Listen, I get the whole idea of putting Brad into a Chanel commercial. I think he looks steamy, and yes, it makes me interested in the product. When it comes to really going in and buying something, though, I want a real woman's opinion. I wanna know if the scent smells good from someone who, you know, would WEAR it.

OK, so I'm speaking in general terms here. It's not like the women in this commercial are saying anything, anyway. Their presence, that one woman in this moment of sheer euphoric happiness, allows me to envision a woman wearing this specific perfume. Because really, so what if Brad Pitt tells me things are "inevitable" if I wear this scent? I'm no freakin' dummy, Chanel. I know damn well that Brad's not coming for me anytime soon.

Which commercial do you like better? Can a man make you want to buy a woman's scent?


Image via CHANEL/YouTube

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