Snooki Shows Off Huge Pregnancy Breasts as Her Latest Accessory (PHOTOS)

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snookiIf Snooki's boobs get any bigger, they're going to get their own show. The Jersey Shore star tweeted some photos of her ample cleavage and va va voom, helloooo ladies! Snooki seems proud -- as she should be -- of her breasteses and showed them off in a tasteful and playful way while on a photo shoot flaunting her slim, post-baby body.

Move over, Jessica Simpson, Snooki's moving in on your territory.

The pint-sized reality star gave birth to son Lorenzo in late August and has had seemingly very little trouble losing the baby weight. She tweeted a photo of herself in black skinny jeans and a tight rocker tee and looked great, if not better than she did two years ago. Looks like motherhood agrees with Snooki.

After all, when mother nature blesses us with little bundles of joy, she follows it up by bitch slapping the crap out of us with sleep deprivation, constant worrying, and a bevy of other not so fun side effects that run the gamut, from incontinence to infection. One of the few pleasant consequences of shooting a kid out of your body (besides, of course, said kid) is the upgrade in the chestular department -- Snooki certainly seems happy with her new assets.

Ms. Polizzi's said in the past that she wants bigger boobs and planned on getting breast enhancement surgery, but now, who knows, maybe she'll reconsider. At least for the time being, anyway. 



Photo via Snooki/Twitter

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Danielle Bunce

snooki is nasty... always has been and always will be

nonmember avatar chrissy

I love that she's proving all the haters wrong by being a great mother. Nicole Richie did a ton of drugs/partying before she had kids and I don't remember her getting as many hateful comments as Snooki about how she was going to be a horrible mom.

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